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ASU Football: Get To Know Your Sun Devils - Jaxon Hood

Get to know ASU's freshman phenom and his unique personality

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Jaxon Hood is a true freshman starting on ASU's beastly defensive line. The local product from Chandler will be a staple of this program for many years to come.

Not only can Hood knock a quarterback out, but also has a funny lighthearted personality. Therefore, making him a viable option for this weeks Get To Know Your Sun Devils.

What is your favorite uniform combination?

"I would have to say all black, that's just bad. It's like the dark side on Star Wars."

If you could be any super hero who would you be and why?

"Well I'm already the Hulk so I'd have to say I want to be Spiderman because he knows everything and is just raw."

Why do you wear jersey number 92?

"Because my real number is 7, so 9 minus 2 is 7. And I feel like I'm like James Harrison because I'm little and furious."

What has been the best part about being a Sun Devil excluding football?

"Just you know meeting all the dudes, I really like my teammates and have a good time with them."

How much weight can you max out at on the bench press?

Nonchalantly states, "About 415"

What is your nickname and why?

"I have a few nicknames, I have 'Little Ugly', I have 'Angry Bird'. All related to my hair."

Describe yourself in one sentence or less.

"Work hard, play hard."

What kind of music do you listen to?

"Mostly old school rap, but everything. I got a little John Meyer in me, a little Jason Aldean as well."

If you weren't playing football what would your ideal job be?

"That's hard to say, probably something with the boys in club. Working with the unprivileged youth."

Who do you think is the prettiest girl in the world?

No hesitation response "Kimmy the field reporter."

As a freshman, I'm sure your teammates give you a hard time, what are some funny pranks they have pulled on you.

"Oh well, definitely. One time I was sleeping on the couch and Corey Adams put my hand in a warm bowl of water. His plan didn't work but when I woke up I was pretty upset."

What is one embarrassing thing about yourself that people probably do not know?

"I'm pretty open with everything I do. Sometimes I like to sing and dance to Michael Jackson on my way to class. I get some weird looks on that."

When was your first kiss?

"I've been kissing for a while, I'd have to probably say three. I was knocking em' dead in pre-school."

What professional sport teams do you root for?

"I'm a Raiders fan, Bird Gang, and I like the Ravens too."

What is the main reason why you decided to attend ASU?

"I just knew we were going to be good, and I fully believe we are going to win championships while I'm here."