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New "Going Deep" Podcast Now Available

The sports radio show "Going Deep" returns for its second season with a new host and a new night. Austin Controulis, Robby Baker and Ryan Bafaloukos break down everything in the word of sports, from Will Sutton to Holly Rowe.


Austin Controulis and Robby Baker return for the second season of "Going Deep," a radio show broadcasted on the Blaze 1330 AM on Tuesday nights from 8-9 p.m.

Since former show member Ben Haber is studying abroad this semester, this season, the guys welcome a new member to the show. Arizona State sophomore and House of Sparky writer Ryan Bafaloukos.

In the first episode of the new year, the guys begin by discussing Will Sutton's return to Tempe. Was it a good choice? FInd out which show member calls Will Sutton an idiot. The guys also discuss ASU basketball and break down the matcup with Arizona this weekend.

In the second segment the guys play "Making the Grade" where they break down the NFL championship games, and the shoe choice of one Pac-12 basketball team.

Robby, Ryan and Austin even breakdown the NHL (which returns this weekend). They give their division winners and Stanley Cup champions.

Mas O Menos gets a little raunchy when Ryan Bafaloukos calls out an ESPN sideline reporter who Brett Musburger finds "smoking."

The guys end the show with their "That a Babe" and "You're Killing Me Smalls" of the week, along with their tweets of the week.

You can catch "Going Deep" on the Blaze 1330 AM Tuesday nights at 8 p.m., on iTunes, or on House of Sparky all spring long. Don't forget to like them on Facebook.

Listen to the show here on Libsyn.