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Arizona vs. ASU: Who will win on Saturday?

Cody Ulm and Cory Williams hop on Google Hangout to discuss the most important subject of all: who will come out victorious on Saturday, ASU or Arizona?

It goes without saying that the Sun Devils have exceeded expectations in 2012-13, winning 14 of their first 17 games and appearing to be a competent team from top to bottom (though depth has been questioned at times). When you play Arizona, all that goes out the window.

The Wildcats have only lost once this season, a tough battle against Oregon last weekend. They are full of talent from every position and their pedigree is second to none under Sean Miller's tutelage.

Cody and Cory discuss whether or not ASU can defeat Arizona on Saturday afternoon in Tempe. Cody takes a traditionalist viewpoint, while Cory goes wild for the home team. This sounds familiar...