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VIDEO: Carrick Felix blocks UCLA's Jordan Adams as time expires

Poor sportsmanship leads to a shameful moment for Jordan Adams.


As the final seconds counted down between the UCLA Bruins and the Arizona State Sun Devils, Evan Gordon stood with the ball, dribbling in the front court. With four seconds to play, Jordan Adams of UCLA decided that simply letting the clock expire on an embarrassing loss was not enough -- no, he wanted to steal the ball and try to make the game a 16-point loss instead.

Carrick Felix would have none of it. As Adams meekly went up for a layup, Felix flew in from behind, majestically swatting the ball away from the hapless freshman.

We don't normally chastise opponent players here, but this lack of class got what it deserved -- a dominating block from ESPN's national player of the week, and one final eruption from the home crowd.

Here's the video, in all its Sun Devil glory. Drink it in, ASU fans. Your team is for real, and they will stand up for themselves.