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ASU Hockey: 28 Reasons to Come Watch the Sun Devils vs. the Arizona Wildcats This Weekend

ASU has won 28 straight games against their arch rivals, and will look for 29 and 30 this weekend out in Tempe

(Hekle Photo Images)

Nothing is better for a Sun Devil in any sport (or walk of life, for that matter) than to defeat an Arizona Wildcat. Doing so 28 straight times, however, is simply extraordinary.

Such is the streak that Arizona State will take with them into this weekend's series against UofA. That remarkable 28-game mark includes a 4-0 record this year, in which ASU has outscored the Wildcats 28-6.

With the streak on the line, we now present 28 reasons why you should get some tickets and head out to Oceanside Ice Arena this Friday (8 p.m.) and/or Saturday (7:30 p.m.) to cheer on ASU.

28) Because there is nothing better than beating the Arizona Wildcats.

27) Tickets are cheap—$15 adult, $10 student, $7 for children. Get them here.

26) UofA comes in ranked No. 18, and a sweep by ASU puts the Cats in danger of not making the 20-team postseason tournament.

25) Because ASU fans are classier than UofA fans, right?

24) Goalie Joe D'Elia has a two-game shutout streak in progress.

23) Because, it will produce moments like this. Simply outstanding.

22) There will be a #MitchTerrell sighting in the press box. UPDATE: No there won't. So instead, let's go...#MattLind.

21) College hockey is fun, but we don't have to tell you that.

20) It's going to be a wild, standing room only affair.

19) It's a rare chance to use your cold weather apparel during the Arizona "winter".

18) ASU's top line is pretty darn effective.

17) Sun Devil forward Kale Dolinski is back in the lineup, and he is good. So very good.

16) President Obama had been in office for just one month the last time UofA beat ASU on the ice (February 20, 2009).

15) They sell beer at the games.

14) Faiz Khan is back from injury, and he already has a history of Cat-killing goals.

13) Because you can remind Wildcat fans in the stands that UofA has never been to a Rose Bowl.

12) It's a rare time when it's OK to "hAte"

11) The Sun Devils boast three players with 24 or more goals. There will be goals. Goals are fun.

10) It's better to watch the game in lovely Tempe than set foot in Tucson.

9) ASU's Greg Powers is simply one of the very best college hockey coaches there is.

8) Stephen Collins' stickhandling is unreal. Just filthy.

7) You get to see a grumpy cat up close right after the game.

6) ASU has their patented "swagger" back after sweeping #15 Rhode Island last weekend, outscoring them 7-0.

5) Chances are...there's going to be blood, as befitting any great hockey rivalry.

4) It is the final home game for six Sun Devil seniors.

3) All the Territorial Cup boasts. All of them.

2) ASU captain Colin Hekle may be playing the best hockey of his career. A great player and leader.

1) Because there is nothing better than beating Arizona. Period. The end.

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