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ASU Football Year In Review: Best Moment of 2012

There were many great moments for ASU in 2012, but the best moment came during the final game of the season against Arizona.

Christian Petersen

Yesterday, Cody Ulm talked about the lowest part of the 2012 campaign for the Sun Devils. Now, we look at the best moment in ASU football this season: defeating the Arizona Wildcats in the Territorial Cup.

The Territorial Cup was especially intriguing in 2012. ASU and Arizona both had winning records in Todd Graham and Rich Rodriguez's inaugural seasons in the desert, and the winner of the game would receive a superior bowl invitation.

The Sun Devils started off slowly, trailing the Wildcats 27-17 after three quarters. During the final frame, ASU's conditioning and solid decision-making allowed the Devils to score 24 unanswered points and take an insurmountable 41-27 lead.

Marion Grice became a legend on that fateful November night, carrying the ball 18 times for 156 yards against the Wildcats, slicing his way into the endzone for three touchdowns.

Sure, Taylor Kelly threw for only 191 yards. The Devils lost two fumbles. But the positives far outweighed the negatives.

The Sun Devils picked off Matt Scott three times, also recovering a fumble from Arizona's senior quarterback. In a span of 5:22 of game time in the fourth quarter, ASU scored 21 points on three rushing touchdowns that sent the city of Tucson into a spiral of despair.

Territorial Cup games always have a flair for the absurd, and lately the rivalry has only intensified as both football teams vigorously fight for the upper hand in the state's fertile recruiting grounds. The Devils now have that, and much more -- a win over Arizona, bragging rights and another season of Marion Grice.

It was a moment that we all wished would live on forever. That's why it was ASU's best moment of 2012.