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ASU Football Year in Review: The "Holy S***!" Play of the Year

Taking away context and importance, we look for the the single best highlight reel play of the 2012 season.

(Photo: ASU)

Over the holidays, Kerry Crowley counted down ASU's "12 Plays of Christmas" a look back at the most important plays to Arizona State's 2012 season. From Brandon Magee's pick 6 to "The Block" and "The Interception", they were the key moments that were essential for the Sun Devils during their surprising eight-win year.

Now, we get rid of all that.

No context. No importance. Just sheer jaw-dropping awesomeness. We're looking for the play that made ASU fans jump up and yell in disbelief.

With many to choose from, there was one that jumped out—or rather, leapt out—to us.

The game was over. The Sun Devils were crushing Illinois 38-14 with just four minutes left in the game, yet ASU was once again poised to score.

Redshirt freshman Michael Eubank was in at quarterback, and was looking at a first and goal from the Illini seven-yard line. He took the snap, fake a handoff to Marion Grice, ran up the middle before bouncing out to the left.

He tried to race around the corner, but was met by Illini defensive back Eaton Spence. The 6-foot-6, 233-pound Eubank lowered a shoulder and powered over the 6-foot, 180-pound Spence. However, Spence managed to disrupt Eubank's balance.

In a tremendous display of athleticism, Eubank managed one more step and from just outside the three-yard line, jumped for the pylon....and got it. Thanks to excellent last second awareness, Eubank managed to move the ball over to his right hand and hit the pylon for the touchdown.

Other Contenders:

Junior Onyeali nearly kills Jon Hays

Kevin Ozier's triple-teamed touchdown

Marion Grice's juke-fest against Washington State.