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ASU vs. Washington: Victory through the eyes of Twitter

The Huskies fell hard to the Sun Devils Saturday afternoon in Tempe, here are some of the better tweets from the game.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Getting a point across in 140 characters or less is always difficult but the media in the press box are masters of abbreviations and shorthanded whit. Here is what they had to say as ASU took on Washington Saturday afternoon.

ASU looked less than stellar early but that would soon change.

Like I said, less than stellar...

As the first quarter winds down, ASU didn't look great but keeping Washington to seven points was somewhat promising.

He could have fair caught a ball that ended up rolling all the way down inside the ASU 10-yard line

The ball was snapped early on some kind of trick play and the entire offensive line didn't move at all. It didn't turn out as planned.

Remember he was the leading per game rusher in the entire country coming into the game.

It was later overturned and gave ASU their first lead of the day.

High praise coming from the baseball diamond across the parking lot from SDS.

Amen Joe, Amen.

If there was something to gripe about today, it was the Sun Devil's lack of execution in the red zone early in the game.

Points left on the board once again.

This all but put it out of reach as No. 87 barreled into the endzone.

Well...that's one way to put it.

Go home Rick Neuheisel, you're drunk.

ASU football alumnus is very pleased with the Sun Devils play today.

It was a snap back to reality early in the second half but ASU would soon answer.

Isn't ham a food? Kids say the darndest things!

36-14 Sun Devils

ASJ= Austin Seferian-Jenkins who was expected to have a bigger impact on the game.

Awesome picture as the 4th quarter gets underway.

Possibly Josh, possibly.

The x-rays later came back negative.

These types of wins can do wonders for a program, especially when the alumni stays engaged.

Then, the impact of this win began to settle in. Countless recruits were in attendance and stood on the Arizona State sidelines throughout the game. Their reactions? They speak for themselves.

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