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ASU Football: Students pick the uniforms for Oregon State game

The Sun Devil student body has spoken and Arizona State will be wearing another new uniform combination.

Gene Sweeney Jr.

The Arizona State student body was given the opportunity to vote for the Sun Devils' uniforms for Saturday night's game and Todd Graham revealed the results of the poll on Friday.

The Sun Devils will don maroon helmets, maroon jerseys and white pants for their matchup against Oregon State on Saturday evening.

The maroon/maroon/white combination beat out a black helmet, black jersey, gold pants look as well as a traditional gold helmet, maroon jersey, gold pants scheme.

The Sun Devils haven't been shy about their desire to wear as many uniform combinations as possible this season and it looks like a late push at the ballot box kept the maroon/gold/maroon look from winning out.

Graham's tweet revealed that the Sun Devils will be sporting helmets with enlarged pitchforks yet again this week. Arizona State has won over many of its uniform critics with the new pitchforks and numbers on the side of its helmets and it looks like this is a look that could be here to stay.