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ASU Basketball: The world reacts to Jahii Carson's 40-point explosion

Move over Cirque du Soleil; there's a new, one-man-show in Las Vegas that goes by the name of Jahii Carson.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

When Jahii Carson signs his fat professional contract next year, the first thing he should do is fly to Vegas and let that signing bonus ride on a roulette table. Because if you haven't heard, the man owns Sin City.

In the opening round of last season's Pac-12 Tournament in Las Vegas, Carson set a career-high in points scored with 34 on 14-of-22 shooting. In Tuesday's night return to the city Carson topped himself, registering a new career-high of 40 on 16-of-25 shooting.

Factoring in Arizona State's visit to the Las Vegas Invitational last year and its regular season ending loss to UCLA in the conference tournament, here's Carson's five-game average playing in the gambling capital of the world: 28.8 points, six assists, four rebounds and 1.4 steals with a 61.8% (55-of-89) field goal percentage.

For more on Carson's finest performance, here's what the rest of the world had to say:

Getting some national love

The voice of the Sun Devils is nearly speechless

Make room in the record books

This future Devil is impressed

Anybody else in awe?

Time to change your cable provider

And about that Eurostep...

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