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ASU Football: Impact of Pac-12 championship loss

Where does Arizona State go from here?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona State Pac-12 championship loss was demoralizing. The Arizona State Pac-12 championship loss was agonizing. The Arizona State Pac-12 championship loss was disappointing.

However, the Arizona State Pac-12 championship loss wasn't indicative of the overall success the team had.

I asked Kevin Gemmell of the ESPN Pac-12 Blog: "How does your view of the Arizona State season change after the Pac-12 championship game?"

"It doesn't, really. I picked Stanford to beat ASU both times and I picked Stanford to win the conference. ASU is a good team, but they aren't quite at the level of Stanford ... yet," Gemmell said. "I think if Graham says with it, ASU is going to stay in the hunt for conference titles. I think they took a big step forward this year. To pull an old phrase, they are who I thought they were. And they still are."

In summary, Gemmell believes the Sun Devils are good, but not great. The Arizona State win at UCLA to clinch the South Division crown will be the key moment of the season.

The Sun Devils took multiple steps forward throughout the 2013 campaign. The fan base should be very optimistic on the future of the program. Coming up short against Stanford Cardinal is only a minor setback and it won't mean much in the long run.