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ASU Football: 'The 12 Plays of Christmas' No. 10 The "Knumble"

Arizona State pulled off its second home victory of the season in controversial fashion against Wisconsin.

Christian Petersen

Joel Stave's botched attempt to take a knee at the end of the Arizona State-Wisconsin game took place more than three months ago, but it's a play that will remain in the minds of Sun Devil and Badger fans alike for years to come.

Play No. 10: Wisconsin quarterback Joel Stave takes a knee with 18 seconds left against Arizona State, and the Badgers fail to get a snap off before time expires.

Point Breakdown:

2 Points: The play changed the momentum of the game.

3 Points: The play occurred in a Sun Devil victory

8 Points: the play occurred in the fourth quarter of a Sun Devil victory.

Total: 13 Points

The "Knumble" (A combination of kneel and fumble) marks the third consecutive play that finishes with 13 points on our scale, but we ranked the final 18 seconds of the Arizona State-Wisconsin game ahead of its competitors because of the overall "shock" factor it produced.

While no one agrees on exactly how everything transpired, there are a few key elements that are worth recounting.

Late in the fourth quarter, the Sun Devils led the Badgers 32-30 and had a chance to milk the remaining time off the clock. Instead, the Badgers' defense held strong and forced Arizona State to punt.

The Badgers assumed possession on their own 17-yard line with 1:36 remaining in the game. Wisconsin was out of timeouts, so the Badgers had to act quickly in their quest to get into field goal range and have a chance to kick the game-winner.

After an incompletion and a 6-yard gain set up a third down situation, the Badgers came up with a crucial play. Quarterback Joel Stave hit wide receiver Jeff Duckworth along the Sun Devil sideline and Duckworth raced 51 yards to put the Badgers inside the Arizona State 30-yard line. While Duckworth appeared to step out of bounds after catching the ball, video replay proved inconclusive and the result of the play remained unchanged.

Three plays later, the Badgers found themselves inside the Sun Devil 15-yard line after Stave found Jared Abbrederis on a third down completion.

With 18 seconds remaining, Stave took a snap and rolled toward the middle of the field. After bumping into an offensive lineman, Stave attempted to kneel the football to set up a centered approach for field goal kicker Kyle French.

But as Stave knelt, he placed the ball on the ground and created utter confusion. As the referees failed miserably in their attempts to sort out the mess, Sun Devil linebacker Anthony Jones dove on top of the football believing that Stave fumbled.

The referees slowly assumed control of the situation, and they forced Jones to get up off of the football so they could spot the ball and allow Wisconsin a chance to spike the ball and stop the clock. However, the damage had already been done as the running clock came back to bite the Badgers.

Stave was unable to organize his teammates in time to get another snap off and the clock expired without giving the Badgers a chance to set up their field goal attempt.

As the clock struck zero, Will Sutton sprinted across the field and his Sun Devil teammates poured onto the playing surface in celebration. The referees disappeared into the tunnel of Sun Devil Stadium, and the result was final.

Arizona State improved to 2-0, and earned its most hectic victory of the season in a span of 18 unforgettable seconds.

No attempt to explain this play can do it justice, so share your thoughts on how it all unfolded in the comments section below.