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New Speak of the Devils: ASU #Boom Analysis & Spencer Hall

The new Speak of the Devils goes in-depth on the ASU recruiting trail and brings in the king of

#Boom. #Boom. #Boom.

The Sun Devils won't take the field until December 30th, but the action has still been hot and heavy, resulting in a new can't-miss episode of Speak of the Devils.

First off, we recap some of the big news and notes from the previous week, including a quartet of Sun Devils who won't be returning in 2014.

With so much recruiting activity (including some happening during the show), there's no better guest that's Hod Rabino. He breaks down the crazy string of #Booms over the last week, what it all means, and what to expect between now and National Letter of Intent Day.

Next up is the return of an old fan favorite: Buy or Sell. Brad fires five Sun Devil hot topics at Joe to get his expert take on the near-term future of ASU football.

We then welcome in a special guest. Spencer Hall, the popular national college football voice from SB Nation and joins the show to give his thoughts on ASU, as well as some of the major talking points around the game.


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