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ASU Football: Handing out Christmas presents to Sun Devils

What should Arizona State football players be looking for under their tree tomorrow? Find out here.

What does Carl Bradford want under his Christmas tree?
What does Carl Bradford want under his Christmas tree?
Christian Petersen

Twas the afternoon before Christmas and all through Tempe, not a Sun Devil was stirring not even Eddie House. Football uniforms were hung everywhere, in hopes of an 11-win season in the air.

Well enough of that. It is the day before Christmas and on behalf of the House of Sparky staff we would like to wish all the Sun Devil fans a happy holiday season and happy New Year.

As Sun Devil fans anxiously await presents under their tree tomorrow, we wanted to hand out some presents to some Sun Devils that they can open Christmas morning.

Marion Grice: A fully healed foot

Grice has had a brief but very successful Sun Devil career. The running back has scored 39 career touchdowns in two seasons in Tempe, including 25 on the ground. Grice has been one of the most versatile running backs in school history and was a vital piece of Arizona State's offense in 2013.

However, Grice suffered an injury against UCLA and missed Arizona State's final two games, including a Sun Devil loss to Stanford in the Pac-12 title game. An foot injury is one of the most constricting injuries to a running back because it can limit cutting and lateral movement in space.

Grice would like nothing more than to have a big performance in his final game in Maroon and Gold (or whatever color ASU wears). A perfect Christmas gift for him would be a foot that is 100 percent leading to a successful final game for the senior running back.

Carl Bradford: A High draft grade

Every Arizona State fan and coach would like to see Bradford return in 2014. Both Will Sutton and Jahii Carson elected to forgo the pros and stay in school for one more year in 2013. Bradford is the next Sun Devil to have that choice as the junior DEVIL backer has sent his paperwork into the NFL Draft advisory board.

At the end of the day has to do what is best for him and his family. If a high draft grade means he beings his journey to the NFL a year early than I am sure that is what he is looking for under the tree this year.

Even if Bradford gets a high grade and stays for his senior season, knowing he has a future as a high NFL draft pick should be welcome holiday news.

Alden Darby: A Pick-6

Texas Tech has the No. 2 passing offense in college football. Red Raider quarterbacks have attempted 673 passes during the season, 18 of which have been intercepted.

Darby is the leader in the Arizona State secondary and will be playing his final game in a Sun Devil uniform. The senior has been an exceptional Sun Devil on and off the field this year and throughout his Sun Devil career.

Darby already brought one back to the house this year against USC and a nice Christmas present for Darby in his final collegiate game would be to find the end zone.

Mike Norvell: A Sheriff Hat

Earlier this month, Norvell was named deputy head coach. What responsibilities he has as deputy head coach we don't really know. However, if he is going to be a deputy, he is going to need a sheriff's hat. I think coach Norvell would look nice in a black hat with some maroon flames on it.