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ASU vs. Texas Tech: Holiday Bowl Twitter recap

Qualcomm is known as one of the older stadiums but plenty of Arizona State media made the trip to San Diego

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

It wasn't pretty and it wasn't what anyone expected. The Sun Devils were thoroughly embarrassed Monday night in the Holiday Bowl. No one was happy and the keyboard analysts were some of the worst offenders. Here is the game and how some of Sun Devil nation sounded off.

Texas Tech had nothing to lose and went for it on fourth and goal early. Davis Webb put a play-action pass into the hands of Rodney Hood who was wide open in the flat and surprisingly the Red Raiders struck first.

The body language and effort of the Sun Devils was criticized all night.

One score is alright but all of the sudden ASU was down two possessions and perhaps some palms were beginning to sweat.

ASU finally had a tick in their points column but no one predicted a start like this for the Sun Devils.

Things were looking up again for ASU which pulled within one score after a fumble recovery but the Sun Devils were still leaving much needed points on the board in the first quarter.

Texas Tech was showing no signs of letting up.

If Sun Devil fans weren't panicking already, they certainly started to after this touchdown gave Texas Tech what seemed like in insurmountable lead.

ASU got a much needed rushing touchdown courtesy of DJ Foster to bring the Sun Devils within two scores.

ASU had first and goal but poor clock management led to a missed Zane Gonzalez field goal from 24 yards out.

Texas Tech couldn't seal the edge, Taylor Kelly scampered in for a score and for a short lived moment the Sun Devils were in business.

Davis did his best Lee Corso "not so fast" impression as Texas Tech returned the ensuing kickoff for a touchdown.

Almost time to wave the white flag with the Sun Devils unable to move the ball and the Red Raiders scoring again.

It didn't help matters much but it did break a record. ASU went on to lose by that score of 37-23