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Bracketology Update, February 12: ASU is "First Team Out" of NCAA Tournament

All three bracketology experts say the same thing about the Sun Devils, which is really odd.


The Sun Devils split their homestand against Cal and Stanford, losing to the Cardinal in a tough fashion on Saturday afternoon. The free throw shooting and field goal percentage were much lower than usual, and the only thing that kept ASU in the game was their very solid defensive play down the stretch.

Regardless, the bracketologists were watching and have unanimously removed Arizona State from their NCAA Tournament projections for February 12.

First up: Joe Lunardi. He has projected the Sun Devils are the 'first team out' of the bracket.

Palm, CBS Sports' resident bracketology expert, has kept the Sun Devils out of the bracket for the second consecutive week, though they moved up and are now closer than before. ASU is now the 'first team out' for CBS as well.

Finally, Chris Dobbertean of SB Nation has Arizona State on the outside looking in, departing the bracket and being the 'first team out' of the bracket. Very consistent opinions on the Sun Devils have formed, and ASU needs to win big and often down the stretch to make the NCAA Tournament.