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ASU Softball: Around the Horn with the Infield

The softball team is off to a 7-0 start, and the infield is a big reason why

Sam Parlich
Sam Parlich
(Photo: ASU)

The Sun Devils' perfect start to the season (7-0) after the Kajikawa Classic this past weekend gives an equally perfect insight into what Arizona State fans and the NCAA should expect from the team in 2013.

Despite the fact that this a young team, the upperclassmen infielders have taken it upon themselves to show the newcomers how exciting Sun Devil softball can be.

The talk of the tournament was junior transfer Cheyenne Coyle. Coyle joins the Sun Devil family after two years playing for the University of Florida. Her freshman year with the Gators, she set several freshman records: 60 RBI, .471 OBP, and 43 walks.

Coyle brought every ounce of talent (and then some) with her to the desert. After a weekend of seven games, Coyle now leads the team in home runs after going deep five times (twice against Indiana.) As a new addition to the team, Coyle brings a great deal of power and offensive know-how to a young Sun Devil squad.

Sam Parlich, a senior, also participated in Farrington Stadium's home run derby and hit her first long ball of the season against Kentucky. Throughout the tournament, Parlich made her presence known on the base paths, which put herself in scoring position for her teammates.

Another threat on the base paths this past weekend was sophomore third baseman, Haley Steele. Steele is coming off of a stellar freshman season at the plate. Last year, Steele put together a series of double-digit statistics: 46 hits, 29 runs scored, 11 HR, and 43 RBI. With a player who is already showing signs of improving on base percentage within the first three days of the season is essential to a team that wishes to be successful in producing runs.

Bethany Kemp, sophomore, added to the home run totals with her first career home run against Cal State Northridge. Kemp ended her freshman year with a batting average of .323, 10 hits, and five RBI.

Lindsey Edgerton (sophomore) and Danielle Muniz (senior) return to the Sun Devils' infield squad, and are accompanied by three brand new faces.

Nikki Girard, a freshman from Chino Hills High School in California, put up her first Sun Devil RBI against New Mexico in last weekend's tournament. Girard is joined by Rainna Dobbs of Queen Creek High School and Jennifer Soria of Simi Valley High School (CA.)