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AUDIO: New Going Deep Podcast

New episode of the Going Deep podcast, with Austin Controulis, Robby Baker and Ryan Bafaloukos.


Listen to the show here.

The guys are back this week with some more Going Deep. This time without Austin, who was unable to do the show this week because of work. Ryan Bafaloukos and Robby Baker discuss ASU sports, play Mas O Menos, give out their weekly awards and more in this week's episode.

The first segment is reserved for the headlines of the week. Robby chooses Tom Brady resigning with the Patriots, and Ryan chooses Ronda Rousey defending her women's bantamweight title in the first ever women's MMA fight in the UFC.

The guys talk ASU sports next, with hockey and baseball up for discussion. Robby and Ryan discuss ASU baseball after six games of the season and the two hosts discuss what the ASU hockey team has to do to avoid another first round exit in the national tournament.

Robby and Ryan then play Believe or Not Believe and Mas O Menos, where topics such like Alex Smith, Nascar, the Lakers and Jose Bautista are all debated.

Finally the guys hand out their Killing Me Smalls, That a Babe and Tweets of the Week. You can listen to Going Deep live on the Blaze 1330 AM on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m.