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AUDIO: New Going Deep Podcast

The guys are back to talk some ASU sports and break down the NCAA tournament on another episode of Going Deep.


Listen here.

Austin Controulis, Robby Baker and Ryan Bafaloukos are back on Going Deep after a two-week vacation. This week's episode focuses on the NCAA tournament, but the guys also talk ASU basketball and softball.

The show starts off with headlines, if you missed any part of the sports world last week, we have you covered. Robby brings up the new relationship between Lindsey Vohn and Tiger Woods, Austin talks about SparkyGate 2013 and Ryan discusses the Elvis Dumervil release.

In the second segment, Austin, Robby and Ryan play Mas O Menos. Will the ASU men's basketball team make it to the NIT Elite Eight? How will ASU softball fair in a loaded Pac-12 this season? And Mas O Menos five buzzer beaters in this year's NCAA tournament? Lisent to find out.

Segments three and four are devoted to the March Madness. The guys give their general impressions of the tournament, give their biggest snubs, and put some favorites on upset alert. In the fourth segment, the guys pick their Final Four's and their national champion.

The show finishes up as it does every week, with awards and the Tweet of the Week. You can catch Going Deep live on the Blaze 1330 AM on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m.

Listen to the podcast here.