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2013 NFL Draft: How Many Sun Devils Will Get Drafted?

The House of Sparky staff looks into the crystal ball and makes their picks as to which Sun Devils will hear their names this week.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

In a few hours, the 2013 NFL Draft will begin in New York City. While no Arizona State players will likely go in the first few rounds, there are several Sun Devils who could be in play to populate some of the 254 picks that will be made.

With the uncertainty surrounding this year's draft, the House of Sparky staff makes their picks as to how many former players will hear their name called from the podium.

Brad Denny: After just two Sun Devils heard their names last year (Brock Osweiler and Omar Bolden), I think we'll see an uptick this year, albeit late. Brandon Magee seems to have the most momentum heading into the draft, and while his size will keep him from going over the first two days, I see him going somewhere in Round 5. A pair of secondary players should then follow in the later rounds. Keelan Johnson's great measurables should get him a spot, and as just about every team could use more depth at cornerback, Deveron Carr should parlay his great Pro Day and tangibles into a 7th round selection. Finally, there have been an average of two punters drafted over the last five years, and if the NFL doesn't think that Josh Hubner is among the best two at the position this year, something is amiss. Ironically, he may be the Sun Devil most likely to make a Pro Bowl in his career, but given the nature of his position, he may not get drafted. Nevertheless, he'll be booting footballs on Sundays for years to come.

Cory Williams: I think four Sun Devils will get drafted this year. Brandon Magee, Josh Hubner, Keelan Johnson and Rashad Ross. Magee is a bit undersized but he is tenacious and has great instincts. Hubner has a huge leg and will likely be the second punter off the board. Johnson surprises people with a great nose for the football, and Ross has far too much speed to not hear his name called. It's safe to say Cameron Marshall is also a contender, and we'll see him suit up on Sundays — I just don't know if he will get drafted.

Kerry Crowley: I believe that three Sun Devils are destined to hear their names called at some point during the draft with Brandon Magee headlining the group. Arizona State players have proven to be quite productive at the professional level and Magee was the heart and soul of last year's defense. Josh Hubner will definitely go, and he should be drafted by a team in desperate need of a big leg and immediate production. Of all the possible late round selections coming out of Arizona State, I see Keelan Johnson as having the best chance at getting drafted. Though Rashad Ross and Cameron Marshall have pro potential, I think Johnson is the best bet of the three to be scooped up during the draft. However, of this group, I think Marshall will have the best career. Marshall is a grinder and he'll pick up tough yards for any team willing to give him touches. If he's not picked up in the draft, he should expect phone calls from multiple teams ready to offer him a chance at earning a roster spot.

Ryan Bafaloukos: I only see one Sun Devils getting drafted. Brandon Magee is the only lock to be drafted as it is almost guaranteed he goes on day three. There are a few teams in this draft that need ILB (Giants, Falcons, Ravens among them) and Magee has great work ethic and will fit a team nicely in the NFL. Even though I think Josh Huber has an NFL leg I do not see him getting drafted. I think a team will more likely pick him up as a priority free agent, which is a better case for him. If he does not get drafted he has a choice of where he wants to go and he can decide where the best fit for him is. I see Huber landing on an NFL roster, just not being drafted. I see Keelan Johnson, and Cameron Marshall both being picked up as priority free agents as well.

Cody Ulm: I'm going to have to side with Ryan on this one. The only Sun Devil I see as a surefire draft pick is Magee. He'll probably go in the sixth round or later too where he'll be a great value pick for a team looking for some ILB depth. Hubner definitely deserves to be drafted but teams know it isn't difficult to grab talented kicking specialists on the UDFA market so they'll likely wait. I do have a gut feeling that someone will take a late flier on Cameron Marshall a la Ryan Torain but a lot of that will depend how quickly the other running backs fly off. For my money, Marshall has the build and well-rounded ability to carve out a role in a committee backfield so it's just going to be a matter of how much stock the scouts put into his 2011 game film.