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Get To Know Your Sun Devils: ASU Baseball Shortstop Drew Stankiewicz

Get to know Arizona State shortstop Drew Stankiewicz

ASU Gameday

Arizona State shortstop Drew Stankiewicz has been one of the most pleasant surprises in Tim Esmay's lineup. The sophomore currently leads all starters with a .330 batting average. He leads the team with five steals, and he is second in fielding assists.

That is Stankiewicz on the field, now get to know the Gilbert, Arizona, product off the field.

What are your baseball superstitions?

"I actually have a lot of baseball superstitions. Before we eat our pre-game meal, I put on my socks and shoes the same way everyday, I stretch the same way everyday."

If you weren't playing baseball, what career path would you like to get into?

"I played three sports in high school, football, basketball, baseball. I love football so I would probably aspire to be a football player. I was honorable mention All-State in high school, obviously baseball is my one true love, but I would probably say that."

What are some of your favorite sports teams?

"Baseball it is the New York Yankees, because that is the team that drafted my dad. Basketball, the LA Lakers, I know everyone hates a bandwagon, but my whole family is from Los Angeles. For football, the St. Louis Rams.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

"My favorite vacation spot is San Diego, California. I have gone there every summer for the past couple of years."

What would be your dream car?

"My dream car would be a white-out Range Rover."

Who is the funniest member of the ASU baseball team?

"It would have to be between Kasey Coffman and James McDonald."

Where is the hardest place to play in the Pac-12 on the road?

"The hardest place so far that we have had to play at, probably my freshman year at Oregon. When we were playing there, I think it was 33 degrees, pouring rain sideways and we still played. We were freezing up there and the fans were pretty brutal as well."

Who is your dream girl?

"I'd probably say Selena Gomez."

Favorite post-game meal?

"My girlfriend and I usually go in In-N-Out after games. When we win."

What has been the best moment of your baseball career?

"My best moment in my baseball career was probably my first at-bat this year. I was hitting in the nine hole and I hit a home run in my first at-bat of the season."