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Bucs Add Brice Schwab As Undrafted Free Agent

After holding down the fort at right tackle for Arizona State, Brice Schwab is headed to Tampa Bay to try to earn his keep in the NFL.

Brice Schwab is one of a handful of Sun Devils headed to the state of Florida.
Brice Schwab is one of a handful of Sun Devils headed to the state of Florida.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced that they have signed Arizona State offensive tackle Brice Schwab. Like his Sun Devil teammates, Schwab was passed on in the draft but latched on as an undrafted free agent with the hopes of one day cracking an NFL roster.

College Career: Schwab took a unique path to the NFL as he started his collegiate career at the junior college level with Palomar Community College.

As a dominating offensive line recruit, Schwab was a hot commodity and Arizona State scooped him up amidst offers from plenty of other great football schools.

In 2010, Schwab saw playing time at the right tackle position as he started four of the nine games he played in. However, Schwab felt he needed to get in better shape and he redshirted the following season to do so.

In 2012, Schwab came back and proved to be an excellent addition to the Sun Devils' offensive line. The Pennsylvania native started all 13 games for Arizona State his senior season and his size helped the Sun Devil running game reach new heights.

Schwab has always been regarded as a hard-worker and despite not being a true standout, he believes his passion for football will help live out his NFL dreams.

Skill Set: Schwab knows how to play assignment football and he really understands the concept of working to the second level of a defense.

Though he isn't blessed with incredible strength for a lineman, he executes when called upon and gives his best effort on every play.

Part of Schwab's success at the junior college level was his desire to get the most out of his athleticism. At Arizona State, he learned that his maximum effort is needed on every play because there are some instances when players are just more physically gifted than him.

If Schwab wants to earn a spot with the Buccaneers or impress another team enough to give him a shot, he'll really have to focus on lowering his pad-level in run blocking and improving his physicality.

Why He Fits: Throughout his athletic career, Schwab has demonstrated that he can be an asset to any team he plays for. As an undrafted free agent, the Buccaneers took a flier on Schwab because they need depth, not because they are looking for a player who could break out of his shell when given the necessary tools.

Interestingly, Schwab announced his signing with Tampa Bay faster than most of his fellow Sun Devil teammates revealed their undrafted free agent contracts. This could mean that the Bucs made signing him a priority, which indicates that there is an outside chance he could crack the roster.

Though it might surprise Sun Devil fans, the Arizona State coaching staff knows Schwab's work ethic and desire to play at the next level are attributes that would appeal to any team.