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Speaking Victory: Spring Soundbites

Think Arizona State has what it takes to get to the Rose Bowl this season? Find out what the Sun Devil players had to say about their chances this spring.

The Sun Devils are prepping for a breakout season.
The Sun Devils are prepping for a breakout season.
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Since his hiring in December of 2011, Todd Graham has instilled a sense of belief in his players. Every player in the Arizona State program has high expectations for himself and the team and that much has been conveyed in their individual interviews.

The writers at House of Sparky had a chance to catch up with plenty of your favorite Sun Devils this spring and they can't wait for the start of fall camp. The Sun Devils expect to be in contention for a Rose Bowl berth and they appear to have the drive, determination, and confidence to get there.

We decided to pull together our Top 10 quotes of the spring from the Sun Devils to give the fans a sense of what to look forward to come football season.

Many of these quotes have appeared in player profiles and feature articles this spring, but we wanted to compile a comprehensive list of soundbites to give you a taste of what's in store this year.

So without further ado, here are your Top 10 quotes from 2013.

10. Todd Graham: On Speaking Victory- " We talk about our identity and we talk about PT 42. We talk about character, we talk about discipline, we talk about mental and physical toughness, and we talk about passion."

9. Grandville Taylor: On Todd Graham's Impact:- "Coach Graham gave me an opportunity that Coach Erickson didn't. Not to doubt [Erickson], but Coach Graham is a great guy and I'm just learning a lot from him and this whole coaching staff."

8. Alden Darby: On Practice- " It's 10 times faster, 10 times better. Guys know what to expect, guys believe a lot more. We believe in Coach Graham's vision and what it has in store for us."

7. Will Sutton: On Expectations- "They're (coaches) demanding a lot more. The standard, the bar is set a lot higher than it was last year. Not just for me but for everybody."

6. Bo Graham: On the Running Backs- " I think, potentially, we have the athletes, as long as we do our jobs as coaches putting them in positive situations, these guys have the potential to be the best in the country."

5. Steffon Martin: On the Defense- " Oh, it's fun. Big hits coming. Will Sutton makes sacks, Carl (Bradford) makes sacks, (Alden) Darby gets picks, Chris Young CY makes sacks. That's when it gets real fun."

4. Christian Westerman: On Hard Work- " The biggest slogan is just hard work, basically. Everyone is working hard. There is not one guy who's slacking. They don't allow that. When everyone is working hard, that's a championship team and that's what they have here".

3. Carl Bradford: On the Team Mentality- " We're hungrier this year and I can see it in every guy's eyes. We're ready to go out and finish number one in the Pac (12)."

2. D.J. Foster: On Potential- " We worked really hard this offseason. Just having a year under our belt and learning the system even more...the sky is the limit for us. As high as we want to go, we can do it."

1. Todd Graham: On the Ultimate Goal- " We talked about our one purpose that we have as a team and that's to be National Champions. That's in the classroom, on the field, off the field, everything we do."