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Sun Devil Legends-Countdown to Gameweek Series

This summer, we'll be going from jersey 99 to jersey 1 and count down the greatest Sun Devils to ever wear a particular number. The countdown to Week 1 starts right now!

We have a good feeling you'll see this No. 42 on our list.
We have a good feeling you'll see this No. 42 on our list.
ASU Athletics

From the earliest days of Frederick Irish to the glory days of Frank Kush to the modern era with Todd Graham, the Sun Devil football program has always had a proud tradition.

Thousands of players have donned the maroon and gold, and many have produced unforgettable careers.

For fans old enough to remember, the sight of a strong-armed No. 11 (Danny White) tossing touchdown passes in the early seventies still sticks with them today.

For a younger generation, the image of No. 42 (Pat Tillman) lighting up opponents from sideline to sideline is something that will stay them forever.

For today's students, it's hard to beat the thought of No. 90 (Will Sutton) busting through the offensive line to attack another team's quarterback.

While fans remember their favorite players, they can just as easily recall the numbers that those players donned.

Uniform numbers are a special part of the game, as they often tell stories that go beyond football.

Players choose numbers for a variety of reasons. Often times, their childhood idols wore the same number. Sometimes, a number is part of a superstition. Or maybe, an equipment manager simply handed a player a jersey.

Regardless, numbers become eternal symbols, and that's where we got the idea for our summer series, "Sun Devil Legends." Over the next 99 days, the team at House of Sparky is going to countdown the greatest Sun Devils to ever wear a particular number.

We will start with 99, and work our way right on down to the number 1. When our series finishes, it will be time for this year's Sun Devils to begin creating their own legacies in the numbers they will wear.

The purpose of this series is to celebrate the Arizona State tradition and create debate. Each of our selections will be accompanied by honorable mentions and a poll so you can cast your vote on who deserves to be the face of each number.

We anticipate lively discussions as we have already had some quarrels amongst our staff. As always, comment and share your opinions about your favorite Sun Devils as we prepare for the 2013 season.

Which of your favorite Sun Devils will make our list? List your predictions in the comments thread below and find out soon!