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New, New Sparky Saga: Most Fans Consider ASU's Redesign A Hit

Arizona State gave the power to the people for Sparky's makeover and guess what, gang: we got it right!

Admit it...that's the worst heart you've ever seen.
Admit it...that's the worst heart you've ever seen.

The new, new Sparky was released Wednesday and the reception Arizona State received ranged from satisfied, to baffled, to...well...ill-informed.

My lack of knowledge about the real world aside, most people still found Sparky's redesigned redesign to be a big deal even weeks after the initial "yeah, that's our bad" from ASU. And because the university was able to admit their original efforts were wrong and misguided, most maroon and gold diehards found it in their hearts to forgive them:


Heck, a solid amount of people even felt that this new, new Sparky looks more like the way Sparky should be than ever before:

That's not to say there weren't folks still calling this whole ordeal one big waste of time though. In this instance, some guy named Brad Denny decided to take the passive-aggressive route:

And, of course, there was still that justifiably upset mob of fans who continued to harp on the old "if only people cared this much about our athletics" hypothesis:

Yet overall, one would be hard-pressed not to declare the new, new Sparky a success. Back in early March, 2,015 of House of Sparky readers (76%) voted that they disliked the anime, bumblebee Sparky in our site poll. But at the time of this article's publication, 70 percent of the 244 votes received on our most recent poll has ASU fans "liking" the latest redesign.

Similarly, 95.4 percent of our Facebook commenters were on board with the Sparky known as "Option B," according to the Cody Ulm patented eye test (disclaimer: the Cody Ulm eye test is still in beta testing).

So go ahead and pat yourself on the back, Sun Devil nation. We we're finally given some power and we managed to not screw it up by voting for Sparky the mouth-breather (but seriously, be glad we don't have gaping-mouth Sparky drooling all over the push-up board for the next decade).

And even if you're still wondering why ASU decided to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place there's still one thing you should be able to agree with: democracy is one helluva drug.

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