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ASU Football: 'Summer of Legends' No. 64 Jim Kane

A Pennsylvania native who found success in the desert makes our cut as the "Sun Devil Legend" at No. 64.

Jim Kane is yet another "Sun Devil Legend" who played in the 1960s.
Jim Kane is yet another "Sun Devil Legend" who played in the 1960s.
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The Backstory: We check back in with our "Sun Devil Legends" series at No. 64. With so many great offensive linemen receiving our recognition over the past two weeks, it's hard to imagine we have many left to choose from.

That's not the case, however, as a large group of offensive linemen were in consideration for being named the legend at No. 64. While 64 isn't chalk full of All-Americans and All-Conference players, many players to wear the number started for two or three seasons.

There is a level of consistency at No. 64 that we haven't seen in other numbers. So naturally, we can only assume that this number has a tradition that the players who wear it take pride in their performance.

The Player: Jim Kane (1966-1968)

The late 1960s and early 1970s helped put the Arizona State football program on the map in terms of becoming a national powerhouse. Arizona State routinely put together impressive records, and the offensive lines of that generation played an important part.

In an era where running the football was paramount, offensive guard Jim Kane carved out a niche as one of the best blockers on his team. Kane played under coach Frank Kush from 1966-1968 and started in each of those three seasons.

While Kane was a solid contributor in his first two seasons, his best year came in 1968 when he was named a First Team All-Western Conference guard.

1966 was something of a rebuilding year for the Sun Devils, but once Kane and co. found their way, they helped the program reach new heights. In Kane's last two seasons in the maroon and gold, the Sun Devils compiled an overall record of 16-4.

Perhaps most importantly, Kane never lost to the University of Arizona. In his three victories over the Wildcats, the Sun Devils outscored their foes by a combined score of 97-31.

Honorable Mentions

George Endres: Playing just a short time after Kane, Endres found his way as an offensive guard. In his lone season as a starter, Endres received Second Team All-Western Conference honors.

Mark Shupe: A three-year starter along the offensive line, Shupe was considered one of the best leaders on his team and was named a team captain for the 1984 season.