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ASU's Best Moment: 'Individual Performance' Region No. 2 vs. No. 7

Which do you prefer: baseball dominance at its purest level or a inspirational bowl game performance for the ages? Let's just say I'm glad I don't have to vote in this one.

Ezra Shaw

Round of 32

Region 3: Individual Performance

No. 2 "Ryan Kellogg's No-Hitter" vs. No. 7 "Marion Grice's Bowl Game Performance"

The case for Ryan Kellogg: You're a freshman; the new kid on the campus of one of the biggest baseball programs on the west coast. So what do you decide to do in your first year? Oh, you know, just throw the first no-hitter in the last 20 years of your university's history.

But there are a lot of impressive factors that go into Ryan Kellogg's no-no that you must first understand to fully comprehend it's full glory. First off, it was against the No. 3 team in the country at the time (the Oregon State Beavers). Second, it was in a road environment, the second no-no away from home in school history. And finally, the only thing keeping Kellogg from a perfect games was two errors. Yes, you read that correctly, TWO DAMN ERRORS. But even with the miscues behind him, Kellogg made sure both of those runners never got past first base. Nuts.

Kellogg's no-hitter was the ninth in school history but the first ever in conference play. With the win, Kellogg helped hand the Beavers their first conference loss and only their second loss overall in the season in commanding fashion. Kellogg's defense might not have done him any favors but we as the fans still can. If you like dominance at its highest level then vote for Kellogg. - Cody Ulm

The case for Marion Grice: In terms of inspirational performances, few Arizona State athletes could possibly match what Marion Grice accomplished last season. The Sun Devil football team had a critical bowl matchup with the Navy Midshipmen, and would need to rely on the running game heavily to control the game.

Just a week prior to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, running back Marion Grice received devastating news that his brother was shot and killed. Grice left the team momentarily to be with his family, but he returned in time to play for the bowl. With the game being dedicated to the memory of Grice's brother, the Sun Devil transfer delivered an effort that his teammates and family will never forget.

Grice needed just 14 carries to accumulate 159 yards and two touchdowns to propel his team to victory. Grice earned Offensive MVP honors for the bowl game and reminded Sun Devil fans and football fans everywhere how athletics can help begin the healing process. Playing with a heavy heart, Marion Grice had his best game of the season. - Kerry Crowley