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ASU Football 'Summer of Legends' No. 51 Grey Ruegamer

Running backs garner the fame, while blockers like No. 51 do the dirty work.

Grey Ruegamer paved the way for some successful ASU squads.
Grey Ruegamer paved the way for some successful ASU squads.
ASU Athletics

The Backstory: No. 51 was the quarterback of ASU's offensive line in the back end of the 1990's, playing center and directing traffic. The best big guys up front go unnoticed, therefore it's easy to overlook elite blockers. The 1996 and 1997 successful seasons wouldn't be possible without today's legend, Grey Ruegamer.

The legend: Grey Ruegamer (1995-1998)

After learning the ropes in his freshman campaign, Ruegamer went on to be an All-Conference performer for three consecutive years. Head coach Bruce Snyder never needed to worry about Ruegamer because he performed weekly.

If anyone cares to recognize how good Ruegamer was, ask Jake Plummer. Because most of our readers don't have that access, nor do I, we'll break down some of Ruegamer's top achievements.

The key to successful collegiate careers relies on progression, and Ruegamer continued to develop exponentially. Freshman year, Ruegamer produced honorable mention honors to the conference team, and then he earned a spot on the First-Team All-Pac 10 squad in 1997 and 1998.

Meanwhile, Ruegamer was picked for the Playboy Magazine All-American squad in 1998, and received an invitation to the East-West shrine game. During ASU's 1999 Olympic Gold Bowl appearance, he won the game's MVP. Winning MVP normally goes to skill position players, because offensive lineman don't even show up in the statistic book. However, despite the extreme disadvantage, Ruegamer prevailed.

Beyond the accomplishments, teammates looked to Ruegamer for guidance and leadership as one the the 1998 team captains. Ruegamer's name tells the entire story, he was simply a gamer.

In the Pros: Ruegamer had enough talent to reach the NFL and lasted for a respetectable 10 years. The Miami Dolphins chose Ruegamer with the 72nd pick in the third round of the 1999 draft. Most importantly, Ruegamer owns two super bowl rings, one for the New England Patriots and one for the New York Giants.

Who Wears It Now: No current ASU football player wears number 51.