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ASU's Best Moment: 'Individual Performance' Region No. 1 vs. No. 8

It's one of the best moments in all of sports from this year up against one of the most dominant athletes in ASU history.

Round of 32

Region 3: Individual Performances

No. 1 "Cory Hahn Gets Drafted By The D-Backs" vs. No. 8 Jordan Clarke's NCAA Dominance

The case for Cory Hahn: When the Arizona Diamondbacks selected Cory Hahn in the 34th round of the 2013 MLB First-Year Player Draft, Sun Devils everywhere were collectively reminded what makes sports so great. But what made it so special was that D-Backs president Derrick Hall found a way to make sure the move was more than a honorary gesture.

The organization invited him in for an introductory press conference usually reserved for an A-Rod caliber signing. And during that Q&A session, Hall made sure to inform the media that the D-Backs intended to keep him around in a full-time capacity. Here's what Hall had to say from our friends at AZ Snake Pit:

"It was a very emotional selection for us to make. When Ray Montgomery and his staff came up with the idea and presented it to me, it was a no-brainer. It's not about us. It's really about Cory and his family. I was able to spend time with them right after the injury in his hospital room and he's a wonderful kid. We want to make this permanent. We don't want this to just be about the selection and him being a draft pick, but about him working in full-time employment with the Diamondbacks and hopefully we'll make that come to fruition for he and his family here soon."

Simply put, Hahn is in inspiration to all so it was incredible to see him be rewarded for everything he's done emotionally for Sun Devil nation. If we at House of Sparky could draft him, we would. Instead, we'll just have to settle for advancing this amazing human being on to the next round.

The case for Jordan Clarke's NCAA Dominance: Let's be honest, taking on one of the greatest moments in sports from this year would be hard for any challenger. However, it's especially difficult for an athlete who never got his due from the local media.

While Cory Hahn is certainly more of a challenge than Georgetown presented, Jordan Clarke's NCAA dominance reminds me a little bit of Florida Gulf Coast in this bracket. In the track and field world, Clarke was highly regarded. But in the world of college athletics, he was overshadowed by athletes playing football and basketball.

Competing on both the indoor and outdoor collegiate track and field circuits, Clarke became the most illustrious shot-putter in Arizona State history. The burly ball of muscle won a grand total of four NCAA championships (two indoor and two outdoor) and left a legacy that will never be forgotten around the Sun Devil track and field team. Though his accomplishments might not stand up against Cory Hahn's remarkable story, Clarke deserves the recognition and attention that he sometimes missed out on in his college career.