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'The Best Moment': "Territorial Cup Region" No. 2 vs. No. 7

We've got a pair of fan favorites going up against each other today. One is the Victory Formation while the other is an actual fan!

First he upset the Wildcat fans. Now, can Oso upset our No. 2 seed--"The Victory Formation"?
First he upset the Wildcat fans. Now, can Oso upset our No. 2 seed--"The Victory Formation"?

Round of 32

Region 1: The Territorial Cup

No. 2 "The Victory Formation" vs. No. 7 "Oso In the Crowd"

The Case for "The Victory Formation": There are few things in sports more gratifying than a victory formation in a hostile environment. When you force an entire team and their fanbase to watch you kneel out the clock, you know they're all dying inside and boy, oh, boy is it a wonderful feeling. And when those folks watching are your archenemies, it makes it all the better.

On Friday, November 23, the Arizona State Sun Devils stormed into Tuscon and extended their road Territorial Cup winning streak to two games. There were plenty of ups and downs in the contest but it undeniably ended on a painful note for Wildcat fans (which, in turn, always warms the hearts of Sun Devils everywhere). Arizona had a chance with a little over three minutes remaining to tie the game before Matt Scott threw a backbreaking interception to Robert Nelson. After an exhilarating 66-yard return, Michael Eubank pounded the rock in four a one-yard score to give ASU a comfortable 14-point lead.

The Wildcats desperately clung to a miracle comeback by then responding with a quick touchdown drive but in the end, resistance was futile. The Devils had little trouble with the corresponding onside kick and the kneel down that followed was basically a way of saying "cute touchdown drive, kitties" without saying it. Trust me gang, if you hate U of A then vote for the kneel down. Few events in recent history have brought us so much joy and them so much uncontrollable anguish.

The Case for "Oso in the Crowd": His name is Obamfemi Babatunde Oso. His game? Inspiring Sun Devil fans around the world. Over the past year, it's hard to argue that Arizona State has had a more devoted superfan. From football to basketball and everywhere in between, Oso comes ready to scream, dance, and watch Arizona State seize victory.

Oso's "Gangnam Style" dance helped put him on the map, but his story became the stuff of legend in November. With the Sun Devils heading into Tucson for the annual Duel in the Desert, the most passionate of fans knew he couldn't miss the game. Oso parked himself in the middle of the Zona Zoo, took his shirt off, and threw up the fork.

Several Sun Devil players confessed their confusion at seeing their No. 1 fan hanging in the Wildcat student section. But once he ripped off his shirt to reveal a black "ASU" written across his chest, they knew it was time to bring home the Cup. Oso's demonstration of commitment is a moment that many fans will remember forever, and hopefully we can take a page out of his book and continue to prove that every part of Arizona belongs to the Sun Devils.