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ASU Football 'Summer of Legends' No. 46 Tim Parker

Offense and defense control the majority of outcomes, but special teams can be the differentiating factor.

The Backstory: Nobody ever questions the toughness of football players, but the special teams unit normally doesn't get the same luxury. Kicking the pigskin long distances and accurately doesn't require the stereotypical huge football body. However, the third dimension of the nation's most loved game shouldn't be scoffed at, because field position is essential. Today's legend helped pin opponents back deep into their own territory. Number 46 in our Summer of Legends series is Tim Parker.

The Player: Tim Parker (2001-2003)

Championship teams win at every facet of the game, including special teams. Doing so became customary with Parker, consistently booting the rock father than most players can throw it. Parker was the starting punter for two seasons, and made the most of both of the opportunities.

Josh Hubner, the ASU punter in 2013, was among the fan favorites and possessed game changing ability. Meanwhile, the lesser known Parker, actually out-performed Hubner. Parker averaged 42.7 and 43.4 yards per punt, surpassing Hubner's mark of 41.3.

In 2002, Parker garnered Second-Team All-Pac 10 honors, and followed it up by Honorable-Mention All-Pac 10 honors. Oddly enough, Parker slid from second team to honorable mention despite improving.

Over Parker's ASU stint, the team went .500 at 13-13, granting him plenty of chances to show off the big leg.

In the Pros: Punters and kickers are rarely drafted, and tend to be signed as free agents. Parker never got picked up by an NFL team.

Who Wears it Now: Kipeli Koniseti currently wears number 46. The senior linebacker from Sacramento, California expects to compete for a starting spot and should be an integral part of the defensive rotation this year.

Honorable Mention

Bob Brasher - The strong and athletic tight end probably could have been the number 46 legend, and rightfully so. Brasher earned Second-Team All-Pac 10 honors in 1992, as the captain of the Sun Devils.