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ASU Football: Will Sutton Bulks Up To 305 Pounds

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More Will Sutton to go around? Well, that certainly can't be a bad thing.


When you're damn near perfect, people usually tend to focus in our your perceived flaws with an intensity that can only be described as "player-hating." This offseason, Will Sutton has put forth an effort to silence those player-haters.

While on the interview circuit Wednesday, Arizona State head coach Todd Graham shared that Sutton has bulked up 20 pounds from his playing weight last season and now checks in at 305. Graham also showered praise on Sutton in the same conversation, comparing his senior defensive tackle to one of the greatest trench-dwellers of all-time:

Warren Sapp you say? Now that's what I'm talking about.

Ironically, Sapp weighed about 285 during his college years at Miami, the same weight that many a modern scout considered Sutton "small" for.

The real challenge for Sutton will be maintaining his newfound dimensions. A good majority of players who bulk up during the offseason tend to fall back down to their natural weight as season drags on due to their inability to spend the same amount of time in the weight room. This holds especially true for collegiate players, who aren't technically done growing until about age 24.

At the very least, this should silence some scouts who constantly slap Sutton with the "undersized" label. Even if the weight doesn't hold up all season long, Sutton has shown that he takes his playing-size seriously and that he still has some room to grow.

If all else fails, at least Sutton gets to quote the great Ronald "Mac" McDonald and say that he's "cultivating mass." And that's a win in my book.