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ASU's Best Moment: 'Individual Performances' Region No. 6 vs. No. 7

It's an emotional exhibition versus an unforgettable upset in Arizona State's Best Moment matchup of the day. Which of these Cinderellas will be moving on to the next round?


Round of 16

Region 3: Individual Performances

No. 6 "Jacqueline Cako Upsets No. 1 Ranked Tennis Player" vs. No. 7 "Marion Grice's Bowl Game Performance"

The case for Cako: In the world of college athletics, so many sports, teams, and athletes are overlooked in favor of more mainstream sports. While collegiate tennis certainly has its fair share of talent, let's be honest with ourselves. You've probably never heard of Jacqueline Cako. If you're a Sun Devil fan and that's the case, you've been missing out.

Cako is a full-fledged star on the NCAA tennis circuit and one of the best singles players in the country. She's an All-American on the court, and a scholar in the classroom. As a member of Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State, Cako competes both athletically and academically on a daily basis. But her heavy workload doesn't slow her down. In fact, this year she accomplished something that many players can only dream of: taking down No. 1.

On May 24th, Cako started her NCAA singles tournament off with a tough matchup against top-ranked Lauren Embree of the University of Florida. Embree may have been the favorite, but Cako made quick work of the nation's best player. Cako defeated Embree 6-3 6-2 and moved on to the next round with shocking ease. The victory may have come as a surprise to tennis fans, but not to Cako, who provided many unforgettable moments during her career at Arizona State. - Kerry Crowley

Previous Results

Round 1: Defeated No. 3 "Dallas Escobedo No-Hits San Jose State" 57% (21 votes received) to 43%

The case for Marion Grice: In terms of inspirational performances, few Arizona State athletes could possibly match what Marion Grice accomplished last season. The Sun Devil football team had a critical bowl matchup with the Navy Midshipmen, and would need to rely on the running game heavily to control the game.

Just a week prior to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, running back Marion Grice received devastating news that his brother was shot and killed. Grice left the team momentarily to be with his family, but he returned in time to play for the bowl. With the game being dedicated to the memory of Grice's brother, the Sun Devil transfer delivered an effort that his teammates and family will never forget.

Grice needed just 14 carries to accumulate 159 yards and two touchdowns to propel his team to victory. Grice earned Offensive MVP honors for the bowl game and reminded Sun Devil fans and football fans everywhere how athletics can help begin the healing process. Playing with a heavy heart, Marion Grice had his best game of the season. - Kerry Crowley

Previous Results

Round 1: Defeated No. 2 "Ryan Kellog's No-Hitter" 71% (39 votes received) to 29%