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ASU Football 'Summer of Legends' No. 31 Windlan Hall

Getting to the other side of the hall would be tough with Windlan Hall guarding you.

The Backstory: The Los Angeles, California native, cornerback Windlan Hall, decided to move slightly East and play collegian football at Arizona State. Windlan may not be the most common name, and that was quite fitting. The 5'10" 178 pound cover man possesed rare and special talents, just like his unusual Windlan name. After entering the valley of the sun, Widlan proved his worth by providing two dominant years.

The Player: Widlan Hall (1969-1971)

The term ball hawk gets overused, but Hall deserved the label. One key element to successful football will always be forcing turnovers. Hall consistently made the opposing quarterback leave the gridiron in disappointing fashion.

ASU's run in the early 1970's was impressive, and its no coincidence that Hall led the defense. Over Hall's two-year starting stint, the Sun Devils boasted 22 wins and only one loss. Yes, you read that correctly, Hall really didn't understand the feeling of losing.

The maroon and gold won in large part to Hall winning practically every 50-50 battle in the air. The national media recognized Hall's talents once he recorded consecutive seven interceptions in a season. Not only did Hall get picks, but he also ran back lengthy returns after them, especially in 1970. In the undefeated season, he posted 173 return yards on the miscues.

In both seasons Hall saw first team repetitions, the All-Western Athletic Conference honored him with first team recognition. Beyond the conference, the UPI proclaimed Hall as a Second Team All-American in 1970 and 1971. In addition, the Associated Press announced Hall as a Third Team All-American in 1971.

Because of the production, Hall commanded the respect of his peers, and was selected as team captain in 1971. The legendary Frank Kush did most of the talking, yet Hall also got the mic to speak in front of the team.

In the Pros: Hall got to move back to California when the San Francisco 49ers chose him in the fourth round of the 1972 draft at 96th overall. The Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins combined to maintain Hall's services after the 49ers.

Who Wears it Now: Chandler, Arizona linebacker Anthony Jones currently wears number 31. Jones will be heading into this season as a redshirt senior and has an opportunity to see reps at SPUR.