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ASU Football: Q&A With Defensive Coordinator Paul Randolph Part 2

Arizona State co-defensive coordinator Paul Randolph talks about two of his best defensive players in part two of our interview.

ASU Athletics

House of Sparky had a chance to sit down with Arizona State co-defensive coordinator Paul Randolph to chat about the Sun Devil defense. Randolph talked about some of the newcomers and the changes to the defense in year two of the Todd Graham era.

That portion of the interview can be found here. Part two of our interview focuses on two key players on the Arizona State defense.

House of Sparky: What do you expect out of Carl Bradford this year?

Coach Randolph: "I expect him to have a whale of a season I really do. He came onto the scene last year and nobody really knew about him and he just quietly had a really good season and his final stats sneak up on you. I think he was one of the most improved players in the offseason, he's power cleaning 400 pounds and all of those things. He's going to have to bring all that to the football field and if he does I think he's going to be a dominant and impact player for us."

House of Sparky: How do you think Will Sutton's increased weight will effect him in his senior season?

Coach Randolph: "Will was not just an impact player, he was a dominant football player a year ago. Right now, 20 pounds heavier I'd say he is probably quicker and he's stronger than where he was a year ago. He is more explosive than a year ago, and he is in better shape and he is working his tail off right now. You bring all that together and to me that sounds like a season of being dominant and doing it a little bit better than the year before."

House of Sparky: Obviously how have to think about offensive coordinators trying to game plan against Will, do you have any ideas on how to free him up?

Coach Randolph: "Oh no doubt we do, you know coach Graham does a great job in looking at offenses. He is the most impactful player we have so naturally we are going to have ways of freeing him up and matchups and things of that nature to help him be the player that we need him to be."