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The ASU Football Twitter Directory

It's almost time for football season, which means you need to get your Twitter into gear and follow the best sources for Sun Devil news, notes, and more.

Who should you follow on Twitter this season? We've got you covered.
Who should you follow on Twitter this season? We've got you covered.
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You've got your season tickets, you purchased your Sun Devil jersey and foam finger, so now it's time to make sure you don't miss a beat with Arizona State football this season.

If you're like us, you're active on social media and you want to follow anyone who tweets anything related to Arizona State football. So we compiled a list of every account we could find that helps keep you in the loop in terms of what's trending in Sun Devil country.


Arizona State


The official handle of the Sun Devil football team is your go-to source for news coming straight out of the program.


The official account of Sun Devil athletics will focus heavily on ASU football during the season, and is a great place for in-game updates as well.

Media Outlets


We have to plug ourselves first, because it only makes sense. Get the most comprehensive Arizona State coverage from who's shining at practice down to the number of pushups Sparky does during each game.


The Arizona Republic is the top Valley print outlet for Sun Devil football, and the paper's coverage is as detailed as it gets.


Great place to find all your latest Pac-12 news, and the Pac-12 Blog scoops up the top Arizona State story of the day in its "Lunch Links" section.


The Arizona State affiliate for Fox Sports Next is at every Sun Devil practice and produces great video content.


The most detailed Arizona State recruiting coverage you'll find as well as plenty of quality analysis on a daily basis.


Though Fox Sports covers all Valley teams, they do a nice job rounding up the latest Sun Devil news.


A one-stop shop for all of your local sports needs, Pros2Preps features plenty of great practice interviews and analysis.


Some of the finest student writers at Arizona State are on-site at every Sun Devil practice with breaking news and updates.


The Walter Cronkite Sports Network covers some of Arizona State's smaller sports, but they also have full-time student-writers devoted to covering the football team.


Of all the local television stations, 3TV is among the best at putting together fresh and insightful Arizona State content


Speak of the Devils is the top Sun Devil podcast featuring interviews with players, coaches, and legends, as well as expert analysis and game previews and breakdowns.


This is the official Twitter account for the SB Nation Pac-12 website, and if you're looking to see how ASU stacks up against the competition, they've got plenty of info.

The House of Sparky Staff


You'll get your fair share of Denver Broncos tweets, but Cody always offers fresh and humorous takes on the goings on in the ASU community.


While I'm not quite a prolific tweeter, I tweet almost exclusively about ASU football. If it were up to me, I would definitely follow me, but that's just me.

@HaberBen @RyanBafo @nmarekasu14

If you're one of this nation's 12 Los Angeles Clippers fans, Ben Haber is your go-to source for more Clippers information than you can possibly imagine. But seriously, all three writers will be at practices throughout the season, and they are all highly recommended follows, especially for ASU students.

Great Media Members to Follow

@DougHaller and @jeffmetcalfe

The Arizona Republic writers are often the first to break important news, especially Haller who is among the most well respected Sun Devil writers in the Valley.

@bdenny29 and @JoeHealey42

The hosts of the Speak of the Devils podcast are a wealth of information when it comes to current ASU events and are two of the most knowledgeable sources on Sun Devil history. Oh, and Brad Denny used to run House of Sparky too.

@byronkline @beccawinning and @dunhaaam

The Devils Digest staff mixes their personal tweets with their football coverage to provide some entertaining follows.

@ChrisKarpman and @Edmund_Hubbard

The main men behind offer extra analysis from their personal Twitters as well.


The Twitter account of author Shane Dale who wrote "Territorial: The History of the Duel in the Desert." Dale is a must-follow for Sun Devils and Wildcats fans alike, and there's really no one else you can say that about.

@DsShapi @Josh_Nacion and @EricSmith_SP

The three ASU football beat-writers for The State Press deserve some love. Each does great work and whatever doesn't make it onto the State Press sports twitter will definitely show up from these three.


The lead beat writer for Cronkite Sports tweets far too much about the Los Angeles Dodgers (which normally means you shouldn't follow him), but his football knowledge is guaranteed to make you a smarter fan.

@BryanDFischer and @Mike_Yam

If you want analysis from the Pac-12's best, follow Fischer and Yam. Fischer is among the most prolific tweeters in the game, but he's well worth your time.

Arizona State Athletic Department


The man who makes the decisions in the ASU Athletic department pumps out some interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits.


The biggest Pittsburgh Pirates fan West of the Mississippi is the best tweeter inside the ASU Athletic Department. A wonderfully entertaining follow.


Hawkes is the man in charge of knowing any and all ASU records and he's one of the most supportive members of the media relations department. Always goes the extra mile and just updated the ASU record books.


Another helpful member of the media relations department who deserves your follow.


An ASU graduate and an Associate Athletic Director, Rocky Harris is all Sun Devils all the time.

The Top Five Coaches to Follow


For gems like this.





Top 10 Players to Follow


The best Twitter handle in the game, and some of the more entertaining tweets. Hopefully he approves your request to follow!


Jamil Douglas' tweets get us every time.


D.J. speaks nothing but the truth.


Jaxon Hood with Twitter gold!


Like Jamil Douglas, we just can't get enough of what Wadood has to say.


Can he match his units with his sack total? Please!


Of the three quarterbacks in contention for playing time, Bercovici has the best Twitter game.


Because hard work pays off.


Hubner is no longer a Sun Devil player, but he's one of the most entertaining players to come through the program.


He's still a year out from joining the Sun Devils, but if you want to follow the future leader of the program, he's the man. Wilkins is as excited to come to Tempe as any commit will ever be.

The One Account Every Sun Devil Fan MUST Follow

Drumroll Please...


There is no bigger fan than the Jedi.

Now it's time to log onto Twitter and prepare yourself for one of the most exciting Sun Devil football seasons ever. If you want fellow Sun Devil fans to follow you, drop your Twitter account in the comments section so everyone can enjoy watching the maroon and gold together.

If we somehow overlooked a media member, media outlet, or anyone else who should be on this list, it was completely accidental. Please let us know so this can continue to be the most comprehensive ASU Football Twitter Directory.