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Jahii Carson Shares 2013-2014 Will Be Final Season At ASU Through Twitter

There's nothing like a nonchalant NBA Draft announcement through Twitter to get your maroon and gold blood pumping on a Tuesday morning.

Jeff Gross

It has already been a forgone conclusion in many Sun Devils' minds that this upcoming season will be Jahii Carson's final season in the maroon and gold. So when the phenom point guard took to Twitter Tuesday morning to confirm that theory, the only surprisingly aspect about the announcement was the fact that he managed to do it without a DJ:

While we're happy to hear Carson plans on showing a little more school spirit this year, it's certainly sad news to hear he's already made up his mind no matter how the season ends.

Carson went on to tweet that the Deron Williams Skills Academy, Lebron James Skills Academy and the Adidas Nation program has given him the exposure to garner looks as a potential lottery pick.

Carson's mother also got in on the fun, replying to a fan that while her son will forgo his final two years of eligibility, she still intends to see him graduate from Arizona State.

After sitting out his first year due to academic eligibility issues, Carson averaged 18.5 points, 5.1 assists, 3.7 rebounds and 1.2 steals across 37.2 minutes per game. But while the 5'10, 180-pound ball-handler undoubtedly showed some serious potential last season, he ultimately decided to return to the program for another season after receiving mixed feedback on his draft position.

The only real knock on Carson's game at this time is his lack of a perimeter jump shot. If he's able to develop that skill to a respectable level this season, Carson's offensive skill set could verge on unstoppable with the addition of an outside shot sure to open up more dribble-drive opportunities.

From an Arizona State fan's perspective, it does sting a bit to hear that Carson's entering this season without an open mind. But at the same time, it's hard not to be excited to see how he'll step his game up with the world knowing 2013-2014 is one long audition for the NBA.