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ASU vs. Wisconsin: Official game day playlist

Play it while you're tailgating or blast it over your speakers at home, but here are just a few suggestions to get you amped for the blackout tonight.

These songs should help you get ready for the game (face paint optional).
These songs should help you get ready for the game (face paint optional).
Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE

Music plays a key role in sports. Ever wonder what Will Sutton or Taylor Kelly listen to before the game to get themselves pumped? From Sun Devil Stadium, to the tailgates, even if you're just watching the game at home music is a great source to get amped for the game. Here are some options to get you hyped up for the blackout game tonight against Wisconsin.

It is the blackout game after all. Put money down that this gets played inside the stadium tonight.

This one is certainly for the younger generation of readers. Fine, it's about Pittsburgh but for one night we'll say Wiz is obviously talking about the Sun Devils' uniforms.

Ahh the 90's, such a simpler time... Sure it's grunge but it's somewhat of a classic and it fits the whole ASU mantra. It's hot outside, and the Badgers will definitely be walking into a black hole tomorrow night. It's the rare find that is a little relaxing but can also get you hyped.

Alright we have to pay Wisconsin their due here. In case you were unfamiliar, one of the better traditions in college football occurs right before the beginning of the fourth quarter at Camp Randall. The entire student section goes absolutely nuts "jumping around" to this song. Here's to this getting played at the stadium tonight and ASU students can prove they do it better.

How else do you end it? Exactly. Absolute classic, affiliated with ASU and Sparky,you can't go wrong here. The only question, do you prefer the Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth version of the group better?

Do you have any go to songs on ASU football gamedays? We'd love to hear about them. Let us know by commenting below.