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ASU vs. Wisconsin: Todd Graham explains the final play

The Sun Devils' snuck away with a 32-30 victory and Todd Graham explains how it happened.

If you haven't seen the ending to the Arizona State and Wisconsin game, where have you been?

Wisconsin quarterback Joel Stave attempted to center the ball with time running out, but as Stave kneeled to the ground, he let go of the football.

Whether Stave's knee hit the ground before he lost control of the football is still in question (No, it's not. We've seen the pictures.), but Arizona State came away with a victory.

The Sun Devil defense pounced on the football and the game clock continued to tick down. By the time the referees determined that Stave kneeled before he fumbled, it was too late. Time ran out and the Arizona State players stormed the field to celebrate their 32-30 victory over No. 20 Wisconsin.

The final play will go down as the most controversial play of the early season, but Sun Devil coach Todd Graham thought it was all black and white. He answered questions from the media about the play before he had the opportunity to view a replay.

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