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Going Deep Podcast: ASU vs. Wisconsin reactions, Arizona Cardinal win projections and more

Robby, Austin, Ryan and Ben break down the ASU-Stanford matchup, shoot down premature rumors on Todd Graham to Texas and present their weekly awards.

Christian Petersen

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The headline of the week was obviously ASU's crazy finish and victory over Wisconsin. The crew discusses who deserves the majority of the blame for the incident and provides explanations on what exactly happened.

Segment two features the crowd favorite game of 'Mas O Menos'. The panelists take the 'Mas O Menos' on the Arizona Cardinals winning 5.5 games this season, as Carson Palmer and company are currently 1-1 after defeating the Detroit Lions.

Alabama football beat Johnny Manziel's Texas A&M Aggies, so will Nick Saban go undefeated and win their third straight national championship? Meanwhile, Mack Brown's job status at University of Texas takes the limelight because of their disappointing 1-2 start.

For 'Believe or not to believe,' Ryan was the sole person that sounded optimistic about ASU's chances at Stanford. Jadeveon Clowney was the concesus number one overall pick in the upcoming draft, but could his never-ending foot problem cause him to slide? The Kansas City Chiefs are 2-0 after going 2-14 last season so the crew debated if Andy Reid can guide them back to the playoffs.

In the awards segment, Ben gets heated about fans sending violent messages to their fantasy football players. Ryan dishes out kudos to Rutgers football for retiring paralyzed ex-player Eric Legrand's jersey. Robby believes he and Charles Barkley are buddies because of their mutual hatred toward Manziel. Austin provides the final laugh with his tweet of the week from the Fake ESPN account at the expense of Riley Cooper.

Going Deep provides in depth sports analysis with an unique and light-hearted twist. The show airs every Monday night on from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.