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ASU Hockey: Training Camp Standouts

The Sun Devils started day one of training camp and one thing's for sure - this team is going to be exciting.

Photo: Michelle Hekle

The Sun Devils have one week to finalize the Division I roster and all eyes are on head coach Greg Powers and how he and his staff are going to pick the 30-man roster.

There are 14 "official" new recruits trying to make the team, but they will have their work cut out for them considering ASU only lost eight players this summer (Brett Prechel is trying out on defense this season because he was granted another year of eligibility by the ACHA).

Nick's Top Three Monday Performers:

Sean Murphy can flat out skate with the puck. He has terrific and quick hands and finished practice with a goal and an assist. The forward consistently entered the zone up the middle, he has ankle breaking one-on-one moves, and he has the speed to split the best defensemen in the league. I expect him to be a top six forward this season.

Powers on Murphy: "Right now he is the most impactful recruit... every time he is on the ice, people are going to know it."

Jarrod Levos is a big body defenseman and he has raised some eyebrows in just one week's time. The former Phoenix Knight has a good chance of playing immediately after displaying his physical edge and vision. Levos' positioning was solid this morning and he makes smart passes to start the rush.

Powers on Levos: "So far he is the talk of the camp. Coaches didn't know much about him... he has been a horse. He's a really good hockey player and right now he is a top six D, possibly top four. He is that good."

Faiz Khan found the back of the net twice, including a wrist shot that ricocheted off the top crossbar. Khan had good positioning in the offensive zone and showed nice speed. There is no doubt he can find the dirty areas and if Powers keeps the junior with Colin Hekle, the two could be in for a monster season.

Goal Scorers:

Faiz Khan (2)

Russ Adkins

Kyle Bowen

David Jantzie

Danny McAuliffe

Brian McGinty

Sean Murphy

Sean Ritchie

Other Notes

  • Colin Hekle had a penalty shot opportunity with just over ten minutes left in the scrimmage after Jantzie tripped him, but Lucal Felbel had good positioning and stuffed the captain on his double deke move. Hekle never got the shot off.
  • Defensemen Jordan Young and Alex Temby and forward Eric Rivard are cleared to play, but Powers has chosen to hold them out of camp this week for precautionary measures.