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ASU vs. Stanford: The game through the eyes of Twitter

The loss on Saturday was a tough one to swallow for the Sun Devils as evidenced on the social networking site.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

There is no easy way to put Saturday afternoon's loss to Stanford gently. Arizona State just got beat, and badly at that. Twitter was not kind to the Sun Devils throughout but the ears of many perked up late in the second half when the Sun Devils staged their attempted comeback. Here is how the game unfolded in 140 characters or less.

After the opening kickoff was returned to midfield, this was a beautifully drawn up screen play to open up the scoring. Hogan sold the hand off well and it fooled everybody.

It wasn't the best start but it still was not time to panic...yet

Panic, panic now. This was a tough one to swallow especially after the turnover.

We were wondering the exact same thing Craig. This team was just outmatched.

This added insult to injury. Special teams and dropped passes need to be on Todd Graham's list of things to practice this week.

Ehem, we prefer "wilddevil" a wildcat only exists about two hours south. Things started to look up early in the second half for the Sun Devils.

No one was expecting this. Coyle had been absent for the entire game until this point.

The comeback was in full swing now. Strong has definitely established himself as the No. 1 target at the wide receiver position.

Grice showed patience getting into the end zone and the Sun Devils found themselves down two scores with six minutes to play.

That it did and quickly at that. However many believed it was an impossible defecit to overcome regardless.

Exactly. Shaw made a mistake taking Hogan out too early but was the victory really in jeopardy for the Cardinal? Probably not.

This was painful to watch. It wasn't Todd Graham-esque at all and it basically sealed the win for the Cardinal.

Maroon Monsoon next weekend at home, and the Sun Devils will be pining for a better result.

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