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Arizona State hockey preview: Sun Devils set to host Weber State

Arizona State hockey will need to fix defensive breakdowns against Weber State.

Christian Petersen

Another week. Another weak opponent for the ASU hockey team. This time it's Weber State coming to Tempe for a bout against the Sun Devils on Friday evening.

Arizona State (2-0) vs. Weber State (2-1)

Time: 7:30 P.M.

Location: Oceanside Arena, Tempe

Live Stream: (Nick Marek, Austin Controulis)

Radio: The Blaze 1330 AM or (Kerry Crowley, Alex Gallant)

Like SDSU last week, Weber State is a Division II team and doesn't pose any threat to ASU. The Wildcats will use Friday's game to prepare for their weekend games against ASU's Division II squad.

Weber State has officially played three games so far and sports a 2-1 record. The Wildcats started their season with a victory over Utah State and a blowout win over BYU, but then lost by three to Utah.

This is the last tune-up game the Sun Devils have before the other Wildcats from Tucson come to Tempe next week. After that, ASU will have a tough road trip to Illinois and Oklahoma, so the team really needs to gel against Weber State.

In two games the Sun Devil defense has only allowed two goals. Both of those goals came on breakaways that originated from turnovers on offense. Those defensive miscues are just footnotes for now, but will cost ASU when the schedule gets tough.

If there's one Wildcat the Sun Devils need to keep track of on the ice, it's sophomore winger Dax Hobbs. He leads Weber State in points with 12 and will no doubt be looking to get behind the defense in transition.

Look for the ASU defense to keep Weber State forwards in front of them and another easy victory for the Sun Devils.