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ASU vs. USC: Victory through the eyes of Twitter

All of the scoring meant twitter almost couldn't keep up with the pace of this Pac-12 south shootout.

Marion Grice had 99 total yards and four touchdowns Saturday night against the Trojans.
Marion Grice had 99 total yards and four touchdowns Saturday night against the Trojans.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

People will say they had a 62-41 final score with Todd Graham's Arizona State Sun Devils defeating Lane Kiffin's USC Trojans with ASU coming out on top. But those people would be lying to you. Not one person on this earth knew they would witness a Pac-12 South shootout with over 100 points scored between the two teams. Here is some of the better twitter commentary from throughout the game.

We thought it was a little long. In fact, members of the press actually sat down in their seats thinking it was over only to have to stand back up.

ASU commit Tyler Whiley was excited about Will Sutton's first sack of the season. He came out early and responded to media (myself included) who criticized him for his lack of sacks so far this season.

The LA Times columnist of ESPN's Around the Horn fame was in the press box as ASU took a quick 7-0 lead.

The man is headed to the NFL and with the way USC is currently playing who can blame him? He hauled in 7 catches for 93 yards.

Choose someone and stay with them. Alex Garoutte also got a chance to punt tonight giving ASU four punters in four games. Who would have thought their would be a punting controversy?

This is so true. No one would have guessed ASU would put up over sixty points and have over 600 yards of total offense.

It really is, make sure to bring your binoculars to sit up there. Luckily they have televisions and Strong's toes were clearly out of bounds.

Seven. He had seven catches for 103 yards on the night.

NFL scouts already talking up Strong. He drew Demaryius Thomas comparisons from scouts as well.

Omar supporting his former teammate Alden Darby who had seven tackles, two interceptions, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery.

Looks like someone who might get fired pretty soon (Or within a few hours). What coach wouldn't be this upset with USC playing so poorly?

Everyone was ready for a low scoring tight game and it just wasn't the case.

This was really unfortunate. Everyone wants to go up against the best and Lee is the best at the wide receiver position in college football. Osahon Irabor did what he could against Lee even coming up with an interception.

"My seat just got a lot hotter."

Fantastic stat here and definitely one to keep in mind going forward.

Madden ended up with a passer rating of negative 200 because it was his only passing attempt and he threw it for an interception.

You tell them Vontaze. When Mr. Burfict speaks, it's probably wise if you listen.

No wonder, tough night for the USC play caller.

Not Koetter, not Erickson, but Graham. This can be attributed to the high paced offense Graham has put in place. In fact ASU had two drives under a minute in length Saturday night.

Alright sorry I know it's a lot of Kiffin but the man's coaching career is crumbling before the eyes of the nation on national television and it is absolutely fascinating to watch.

Kelly insisted on the offensive line being included in the press conference.

I imagine very few words were exchanged.

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