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College Football Pick 'Em: Join The House Of Sparky Pool Today!

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Are you the most knowledgeable Arizona State fan out there? Then prove it!

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

If you love free t-shirts and college football then boy do I have an offer for you.

Just because we believe the football season revolves around Arizona State, we're starting our College Football Pick 'Em pool this Thursday. And the winner will walk away with a free House of Sparky t-shirt of their choice (which can be found here).

Super fashionable, I know. And the best part is it comes in either maroon and gold so you can be an alumus or a current student!

Signing up is easy too. The group is on Yahoo! Sports (ID# 16689) and the password is HoS (caps sensitive too so make sure to type the password in carefully). Go to the signup page and enter 16689 and HoS in the right fields.

Please include your full name or your SB Nation username when naming your picks so we can easily decipher who is who when it comes to. Other than that, good luck and merry picking to you all.

Tell a friend to tell a friend! The more people we add to the group the more potential for further week-to-week prizes down the road!