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Going Deep Podcast: ASU Football Season Preview

Austin Controulis, Ryan Bafaloukos, Robby Baker and Ben Haber are back for another semester of Going Deep. The show shifts to a new night and a new time slot but the commentary and analysis is the same. Going Deep is a sports talk show with a twist.

Todd Graham wants you to listen to Going Deep every Monday night.
Todd Graham wants you to listen to Going Deep every Monday night.
Ezra Shaw

Listen to the show here.

The boys are back for another season of Going Deep. The show airs live on the ASU campus radio station from 7-8 p.m. on Monday nights.

The show starts off with the guys recapping their exciting summers. Austin traveled to New England to work in the front office of a collegiate summer league team. Ben Haber, fresh off coming home from Scotland, covered the Dodgers for SB Nation over the summer. Robby and Ryan were busy covering ASU athletics this summer.

The guys break down the ASU offense in Believe or Not Believe. Will Marion Grice be a Heisman candidate when the season ends? Will Chris Coyle lead ASU in receptions? Find out in this week's episode.

The guys play Mas O Menos with an emphasis on the ASU defense. The hosts debate whether Will Sutton will reach 13 sacks again, and whether the ASU rushing defense will improve this season.

As always, the show ends with Austin, Robby, Ben and Ryan giving out their weekly awards. Going Deep airs on The Blaze 1330 a.m. on Monday nights starting at 7 p.m.