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Chris Young Injury: ASU Defender Helped Off The Field

Chris Young needed assistance off the gridiron and didn't return.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona State LB Chris Young exited the game at the 8:09 mark in the second quarter, barely putting weight on his left leg.

Young was leading ASU in tackles at three when he left the contest. On the next possession Young remained out, but the 35-0 score could be the reason why. Carl Bradford could see more double teams if his linebacker mate can't return.

Young has split time between the Spur and Strong linebacker position, granting co-defensive coordinator Paul Randolph versatility. In the off-season, Young put on extra weight to help shed off opposing offensive lineman.

During the 2012 campaign, Young accumulated 83 tackles. Many media members expect that number to rise because of Brandon Magee's departure to the NFL.

The extent of the ailment isn't known yet, but we will keep everyone updated as the news comes in. An official announcement hasn't been released.

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