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ASU Football: Victory Through the Eyes of Twitter

You probably watched the game in the stadium or on TV, but here are some of the best of the best in 140 characters or less.

The "New" Sparky created plenty of Twitter buzz.
The "New" Sparky created plenty of Twitter buzz.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Sun Devils used their high-powered offense to win their first game and you could sense the atmosphere through the media outlets that live-tweeted the action.

Here is our first tweet of the night...It was 293 days too long.

Cue the honey nut cheerios bee jokes... it really doesn't look that bad anymore though, at least the little goatee is gone.

There will probably be at least a few more fans in the stands against Wisconsin...just maybe

It only took ASU one drive to shake the rust off but it was a lot longer than expected.

The first score of the year after the blocked field goal by Robert Nelson. It will be interesting to see how De'Marieya Nelson and Chris Coyle split time going forward.

The air went out of the stadium when this happened. No one was sure who was down and when everyone saw the dreadlocks, panicked ensued. Luckily Sutton got up under his own power and walked off the field.

ASU took that 14-0 lead into the 2nd quarter

CTG got a little greedy but the flood gates really start to open after this score.

The hyped up junior college transfer got in on the action as well.

This was not good news at that moment but Young reportedly only suffered some minor bruising on his leg.

Chris Coyle catches a 33-yard pass for a touchdown to give ASU the 35-0 lead.

It took place around the north end zone, we'll check and see if the plaque got placed this week.

ASU led 42-0 at halftime.

It was to be expected. The place will be rocking next weekend for the blackout.

He also missed from 33 and 49 yards respectively so the kicking woes seem to continue for the time being.

This came after an impressive interception return down to the three yard line by Grandville Taylor. Eubank should be used a lot around the goal line this year and proved his worth here.

This rounded out the scoring for the night...and then the fat lady sang.

Bring on Bucky.

The Dutson Theatre in the Carson Center is where all of the post game pressers take place.

Wisconsin is not to be taken lightly and they won't be according to CTG.

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