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Section H Podcast: Bay Area preview and NCAA Tournament discussions

The latest episode of the Section H podcast looks back at Arizona State's weekend sweep of the Rocky Mountain schools and look ahead to Arizona State's trip to the Bay Area.

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The guys are back for another episode of the Section H Podcast, featuring the latest news in Arizona State basketball. In this week's episode, Nick Krueger and Ryan Bafaloukos look back at Arizona State's sweep of the Rocky Mountain schools and look ahead to another big week for the Sun Devils as they head to the Bay Area.

Nick and Ryan recap Arizona State's big victories over Utah and Colorado. The guys discuss the breakout of Jonathan Gilling, who shot 9-for-10 from the field in two games coming off the bench last week. Nick was impressed with the Arizona State bench and is now a believer that Bo Barnes can be a constant contributor for Arizona State off the bench.

The Sun Devils come off one important week and head right into another, as Arizona State travels to the Bay Area to face California and Stanford. Nick and Ryan discuss what Arizona State has to do to have success on this road trip.

The guys wrap the episode up by discussing Arizona State's tournament chances. Ryan and Nick go through some brackets and break down where Arizona State falls.

Listen to the episode below: