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ASU Football: Uniforms revealed for game against USC

Here is what the Sun Devils will be wearing on Saturday.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona State has released its uniform combination for Saturday's matchup at USC. The Sun Devils will wear a black helmet, white jerseys and black pants.

This is the first time the Sun Devils have worn this uniform combination this season. The Sun Devils currently hold a 5-5 record when wearing the black helmets, but this is the first time they will wear them this year. The white jerseys make their third appearance of the year after being worn in the games at New Mexico and Colorado. The black pants will be worn for the second time in as many weeks.

Last year against the Trojans, it was the "maroon monsoon" game, with the team wearing maroon helmets, maroon jerseys and maroon pants. It was also the debut of the "big pitchfork" maroon helmet with each players' number on the opposite side. The last time Arizona State visited the Coliseum in 2012, they wore their all white uniforms.

Arizona State has still not worn the new "desert fuel" uniforms which includes copper throughout with a grey base.

Uniforms so far this season:

Vs. Weber State: Gold helmet, maroon jersey, gold pants

At New Mexico: Gold helmet, white jersey, gold pants

At Colorado: Maroon helmet (big pitchfork), white jersey, maroon pants

Vs. UCLA: Flame helmets, black jersey, black pants

At USC: Black helmet, white jersey, black pants